Ontario Amanita

Wild Foraged in Southern Ontario Canada. The Amanita Muscaria Guessowii caps, are dehydrated and stored in air tight containers with silica packets to maintain the crisp dehydrated consistency.

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Packages are shipped from my home in Southern Ontario, sealed with a silica packet to keep the moisture content low. Please use the contact form below to let me know the amount you require. If you include your address I can also give you a shipping estimate.

Currently Sold Out for Season
🍄14g Pack – $17🍄
🍄28g Pack – $32

Currently Sold Out for Season

Will be back next fall with much more!
Leave a message below and I can email you
when I am back in supply.

*Will not ship to: Australia, Romania, The Netherlands, Thailand, or the State of Louisiana*

You can contact me here using the message tool, or email me directly at OntarioAmanita@gmail.com.

For shipping estimates please include your address.

Disclaimer – These are decorative dehydrated mushroom caps, not for human consumption.